Product CaTEGORY

Medical Gas Outlets/Terminals

We feel our medical gas outlets have at least three design features which make them superior to our competitor’s medical gas outlet designs:

  • The seal between the Tri-Tech Medical front assembly and back body is a double O – ring which does not deform and leak when weight is added to the medical outlet front.  In addition, these O –rings may be serviced without removing the secondary check or shutting off the supply of gas.   Our popular competitor’s medical outlet design incorporates a large barrel grommet which deforms and leaks when weight is added to the front of the medical outlet.  It also requires shutting off the supply of gas and removal of the secondary check in order to service or replace the barrel grommet.
  • You will note in our literature that we state the Tri-Tech Medical medical gas wall outlet is capable of supporting 10 lbs @ 2” without leaking.  This is because our design provides metal to metal support between the front and back bodies.
  • The Tri-Tech Medical medical outlet front incorporates a durable, protective, vinyl label.  These labels are durable and scratch resistant.  Our popular competitor’s outlets scratch easily.

Please watch our medical gas outlet video under the Tri-Tech University tab of our website for an excellent graphic illustration of the design differences.